ettore #21 goes out to Bugatti owners worldwide

In the 21st edition of ettore, the twice-yearly Bugatti Customer Magazine published by Delius-Klasing on behalf of Bugatti Automobiles S.A.S., those few people around the world lucky enough to own a Bugatti can read all about the brand’s Grand Tour through Argentina, The Kids’ Collection of fashions for the next generation of Bugatti owners and about how the Bugatti Trust and Bugatti Owners’ Club are nurturing the brand’s values in the UK and around the world.

Also in ettore #21 is an article by WPC’s Elaine Catton that takes a closer look at groundbreaking development work being carried out on the brake calliper for the Bugatti Chiron. Engineers are working on a new design made from super-strong titanium using additive manufacturing (otherwise known as 3D printing). It weighs just 2.9 kg compared with 4.9 kg for the aluminium component currently used. In keeping with the car itself, the calliper is a stunningly sculptural piece of design and is the largest functional component ever to be made this way using this hi-tech material.

We’d love to tell you more about all of these stories, but I’m afraid we can’t, as circulation of ettore magazine is strictly limited to Bugatti owners only.

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