Covid car launches and digital makeovers

As Europe went into lockdown, the entire automotive industry came to a shuddering halt. Factories fell silent and car dealerships shut up shop. In the first instance, it left car companies and their communications agencies with precious little to communicate. Although nominally able to work from their home offices, automotive publications and platforms – industryContinue reading “Covid car launches and digital makeovers”

Engine designers navigate uncharted waters on the voyage to electric drive

Since the Benz Patent-Motorwagen first sputtered to life in 1885, the automotive revolution has been dominated by the internal combustion engine. An assortment of alternatives have poked their heads above the parapets over the years, only to be unceremoniously shot down by the immutable dominance of fossil-fueled ‘suck, squeeze, bang, blow’. But all that isContinue reading “Engine designers navigate uncharted waters on the voyage to electric drive”

Audians (part of the Audi International website)

Within its global website, Audi has a number of articles and profiles focused on its people – who refer to themselves in German as “Audianer”. The English translation of this is “Audians”, although I’m not convinced this is entirely PC. Structured to communicate the human side of the brand, these Audi specialists share insights intoContinue reading “Audians (part of the Audi International website)”

Harman Connected Car website

The Harman name has long been synonymous with in-car audio through brands like Harman Kardon, Becker and JBL. However, now part of the Samsung Group, the company is expanding beyond sound systems to embrace the rapidly increasing “connected-car” sector, which is changing the way we interact with our cars and, crucially, the way our carsContinue reading “Harman Connected Car website”

ettore #21 goes out to Bugatti owners worldwide

In the 21st edition of ettore, the twice-yearly Bugatti Customer Magazine published by Delius-Klasing on behalf of Bugatti Automobiles S.A.S., those few people around the world lucky enough to own a Bugatti can read all about the brand’s Grand Tour through Argentina, The Kids’ Collection of fashions for the next generation of Bugatti owners andContinue reading “ettore #21 goes out to Bugatti owners worldwide”


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